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SPF 50

Absorbs quickly 

Broad spectrum, effective against UVA en UVB

Suitable for the whole family, face and body.

Water resistant

Anti-Aging Properties

Ideal for people struggling with blemishes

FREE online

Skin Analysis

A skin analysis is the process of understanding the current and past history of your skin, this may involve sebum, keratin, impurities, pores, wrinkles, spots, and moisture tests

Let us help you with your skin care! Our digital skin test is designed to enable our skin therapists to make a thorough skin analysis and find out what your skin needs, in order to give you a personalised product recommendation. Our test will guide you to a suitable skin care routine, based on your needs and your skin care goals.

Our tests are free of charge and our recommendations are ready within 5 days and will be mailed to you.

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